Fancy New Blog stuff and a Giveaway!

Well, the kids took decent naps and the G-man cooked and did the dishes, so I got a chance to fix up the blog!  If you are an e-mail subscriber, come check out my blog directlyy to see the new look!  And while you are at it, “like” the new Vegan Mama Facebook page to get Vegan Mama posts and updates via Facebook.

To celebrate all these new developments I’m doing my very first Giveaway!  This week I’m giving away a Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast Sampler CD.  This podcast changed my life and helped finally make the vegan transition, and this CD features 10 great episodes to help you get started on your vegan journey, or even just to learn more about veganism.  How can you win this exciting prize?  Just write comment on this post!  Any comment counts!  So, feel free to tell me your opinion about the new site design, or what your favorite vegan meal is, or even just what you ate for lunch!  No matter what you write, you get a chance to be a winner when I draw a random number at 9pm, EST Friday, December 14th.  Enjoy!

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