Thursday Baby Update: One step forward, two steps back

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies for Dad and LP and then toast with butter for everyone.
  • Lunch: Black bean and soy chorizo quesadillas for everyone
  • Mom snacked on roasted almonds and clemintines in the afternoon.  She also enjoyed a soy chai and a great talk with a friend.  Yay for grown-up time!
  • Dinner: Slow-cooker setian pot roast – a family favorite!
  • Mom and dad enjoyed more chocolate peppermint brownies for dessert.

Money Matters:
My generous friend picked up the Starbucks tab today, so . . .  nothing spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

We have a very cranky baby on our hands.  As I write this she is upstairs crying.  The only thing that seems to console her a little is being rocked and sung to for a loooonnngggg time.  She was sleeping so well for a while, but I guess something threw her off.  Could be teeth, could be a tummy problem, could be anything.  That is how it goes with babies, I guess.

The good news is this crankiness only rears its head at bedtime.  During the day she is an adorable, fun little girl!  IP has been sitting up quite a lot.  She can only do it by herself for a little while, but she is much happier when she is seeing the world from this sitting pose.  So, we spend a lot of time with her sitting up  and leaning against Mom while LP plays nearby.  She continues to completely adore and worship her big brother so much so that she has a hard time focusing on nursing when he is around.  Oy.  At least they are still adorable together!

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