Workout Wednesday: Morning slog

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate the following.

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Smoothies and toast for LP and the G-man.  Mom thinks she might have eaten some almonds – she can’t remember.
  • Mom snacked on a granola bar – apparently not enough breakfast!
  • Lunch: A special treat – pizza Veggie Planet in Harvard Square after some family shopping
  • Dinner: Cabbage, potato and smoky tempeh skillet

Money Matters:

  • $19.26 on our lunch
  • $31.08 on some important chocolate supplies from Burdicks
  • $19.10 on gifts
  • $5.30 on postage for shipping gifts

Workout Wednesday

Every week for the past three I’ve run more weekly miles than the last.  This week, I’ve already doubled what I was running three weeks ago (from 5 miles to 10 so far).  It feels good to do this.  Yesterday was my short run (2 miles) and it felt great.  I shaved a couple minutes off my last 2 mile time, I felt strong with my pacing.  Overall it was the epitome of a “good run.”  Then, today, I went for a 4 mile run.  1 mile in I felt lousy.  It was slow.  I felt like I was plodding along, fighting the wind the whole time.  I had to focus on one foot in front of the other for over half the run.  But I finished, and only one minute over the time I was going for.

Sucky runs like this are rough.  But they also motivate me in a weird way.  A good run, like yesterday’s, leaves me feeling good mentally and physically the rest of the day.  But a sucky run, like today, just makes me happy to be done.  It’s a different kind of satisfaction, but satisfaction none the less.  Of course, it helps to know that for my next 4 miler I will probably feel differently.  So, I’ll just take yesterday and today as two sides to the running coin, and get back out there tomorrow.

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