Thursday Baby Update: Sitting Up

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Dad and LP and then Mom made oatmeal for everyone.
  • Mom also made some chocolate chip banana muffins for a mid-morning snack.
  • Lunch: Black bean and soy chorizo quesadillas for everyone
  • Dinner: 3-Green Ribollita soup with some crackers on the side.  Yummy greens!

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $29.03 for some more X-mas groceries at Whole Foods

Thursday Baby Update:

We have been looking at old pictures of LP.  When he was five months old (IP’s age now) LP was working really hard on crawling and trying to pull himself up on furniture.  It’s so funny to see since IP is definitely not doing that.  However, she can hold her own in the “wow, look at her go!” department.  She has pretty much mastered sitting up (provided we prop her up in the first place).  In fact, she loves sitting up and playing so much she now gets super cranky if we put her on the play-mat on her back.  So, we now sit her up, surround her with pillows, and give LP strict instructions about not tipping her over.  He acutally has a lot of fun bringing her toys when she is sitting up, and also sliding toys back her way when she swats them out of her own reach.

IP is also getting better at entertaining herself, especially during dinner time.  We haven’t given her solid food in a week since she was having tummy issues.  However, she still sits at the table with us at dinner with her squeaky giraffe (Sophie) and her taggy blanket.  She is very happy to play with them if we put them on the table and she has to reach out and get them.  She also enjoys flinging said toys on the floor and waiting for Mom to pick them back up and put them back on the table for her to grab again.  Luckily for Mom, LP loves to crawl under the table to retrieve IP’s toys.  This is great when he is done eating, but not so helpful when he is trying to avoid eating.  Sometimes I think back to my pre-kid days and all the meals I ate without being interrupted.  I didn’t appreciate those days enough . . . sigh.  Oh well.  At least now dinner comes with entertainment!  Like last night where LP serenaded us with the itsy-bitsy spider song accompanied by IP with squeaky giraffe.  If I drink lots of wine* I can pretend it’s like a Vegas dinner and a show!

*Actually, when I’m in Vegas I’m usually drinking rum and coke, or margaritas.  But with you get the idea.

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