Saturday: The Thrill of Christmas Anticipation

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies and toast for Dad and LP.  Mom got to sleep in (YAY!) and then enjoyed some toast and tea.
  • Mom ate some roasted almonds for a snack.
  • Lunch: LP had leftover potato-leek soup and crackers with cream cheese.  Mom and Dad had crepes with cream cheese and avocado,  Mom also had a final crepe with chocolate chips – yum!
  • Mom snacked on some carrots and hummus while she and IP hung out with a friend
  • Dinner: We all finished off leftover greens soup for dinner.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $18.01 for a book from our local independent bookstore
  • $15.94 for martini glasses – a gift from the G-man and I to ourselves for X-mas
  • $29.32 for a Trader Joe’s run

Mom Musings:

I love the holiday season.  I have lots and lots of fond memories from Christmas in my childhood home: picking out Christmas trees, decorating, lots and lots of cooking and tons of time with family.  My family even has a tradition of “riddle” gifts that almost always resulted in lots of laughter and great stories.  Like the fart clock that won’t die . . .  but that is for another time.

This year LP is old enough to start to “get” Christmas.  We’ve talked a bit about Santa, although he is still iffy on the reindeer.  He knows that his Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie will all be visiting for Christmas.  He totally gets that most of the presents under the tree are for him.  What I love is the fact that it is tons of fun to share the anticipation of Christmas with him.  That is one of the cool things about Christmas, for me.  While Christmas is just one day, technically, there is lots of holiday fun that gets spread out throughout the month of December.  I’m not talking about the noxious advertisements that start in October.  What I love is watching people put up lights, hearing Christmas music and planning for all the cooking I’m going to do in the days before Christmas.  I like thinking about what kinds of gifts I’m going to give.  And I like doing all of this a whole lot with kids.  There really is something about having kids that brings the Christmas magic back a little.  Especially now that LP can “get” it.  He is getting excited about all the family coming to see us.  He is getting excited about presents under the tree.  He is having fun reading Christmas books (most of which are books that I had when I was a kid).  He and I are both having fun demanding Christmas music and watching the G-man roll his eyes.

There are lots of things that are hard about having kids.  Early mornings, messy house, lack of time to oneself, etc.  But there are lots and lots of things that are way better.  Christmas is one of them.  I can’t wait to see LP on Christmas morning.  I’m super excited to decorate gingerbread cookies with him tomorrow.  I love how he sings “Jingle Bell Rock” (he rejected plain old “Jingle Bells”).  It is really a chance to enjoy the best of the season through my child’s eyes.

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