Holiday Catch-up

We just enjoyed a fantastic Christmas, complete with a food, family and, of course, lots of presents for the kids.  I took a few days off from the blog in order to truly enjoy time with our family.  But things are winding down now, so here is a quick holiday re-cap!

Vegan Goodness:
We at a TON these last four days!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that vegan diet is about lack of anything.  Here are just a few goodies we enjoyed:

  • Potato Spinach Squares, Tyropitas, baguettes with hot pepper garlic jelly, loads of NYC bagels and tofu cream cheese
  • Butternut squash ravioli, lentil and orzo soup, burritos and quesadillas
  • Bourbon balls, snowball cookies, gingerbread cookies and chocolate cream pie

Money Matters:
We barely left the house the last few days, and all the delicious take-out food we ate was paid for by Grandma and Grandpa (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Holiday Update:

This was the first Christmas where LP was actually interested in the present concept.  It was fantastic to watch him, because he enjoyed the ritual as much as the gifts themselves.  He loved opening packages, and he followed along when we explained what “to” and “from” meant in the gift-giving context.  He also took the time to really enjoy his presents.  When he opened something he usually wanted to take some time to play with it before moving on.  On Christmas Eve he put together a few puzzles and had a blast.  On Christmas morning he got his present from Santa – his very own snow shovel!  Apparently Santa knew that LP wants to be a big helper and rewarded him with a gift to help LP do some manual labor.  Luckily, we has the perfect kind of white Christmas, with a gorgeous dusting of snow in the morning that was gone by the afternoon.  LP couldn’t wait to got outside to use his new shovel!

IP also enjoyed Christmas – her first one!  She got to open some presents (she really is getting a handle and grabbing and ripping things like wrapping paper, blankets, Mom’s glasses, etc.)  She enjoyed all her new toys and we all had fun with the adorable outfits that she got.  She and LP also got some shared gifts, mostly books, and it was nice to watch LP “figure out” that he had to share.  IP loves to get her hands on books.  However, she is not quite in the “literary” stage, and is more in the “munching” stage of reading.

This holiday was fantastic for so many reasons.  However, the main one was the time with had with family.  The kids were showered with attention and love, Mom and Dad got a bit of a breather, we all ate way too much and love and laughter were in abundance.  It really doesn’t get better than this.

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