Thursday Baby Update: “Ba ba ba ba BA!”

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Mom and LP and then Mom made waffles for everyone.
  • Lunch: Chorizo tacos for Mom, leftover soup for LP and leftover pasta for the G-man
  • We all snacked on some crackers and cream cheese for a snack
  • Dinner: Slow-cooker sloppy lentils with homemade burger buns.  This new recipe was a winner! 
  • Mom and Dad had some ice cream for dessert

Money Matters:
Today LP and Dad took a trip to the park and Mom and IP went to visit a friend.  No money spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

We have a babbler on our hands!  This week IP started saying “ba ba ba ba.”  It is super cute and super impressive.  She sounds hilarious too.  First she starts with the dinosaur sounds (“wrarrrarrr . . . “).  Then, she start drooling and smiling.  Finally, when you least expect it she blurts out “ba ba ba BA!”  I think she knows we are impressed by this because she has started saying it louder and louder.  Also, she looks up and grins as soon as she completes her sentence.  LP also finds this endlessly entertaining and he will try and engage in conversation with her by replying “BA ba ba ba.”  Of course, as usual, any attention from her big brother elicits tons more smiles and responses from little baby IP.  I think she is going to be ready to boss him around pretty soon!

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