Saturday: Siblings

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies for Dad and LP.  Then Mom got up and made some waffles!
  • LP snacked on a quarter of a waffle after music class
  • Lunch: Quesadillas for everyone!  
  • Mom and Dad snacked on some popcorn and dark chocolate while the kids were napping.
  • Dinner: Peanutty Pasta with veggies
  • Mom, Dad and a friend had dessert and game night with some chocolate-dipped sesame shortbread cookies

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $36.69 for our weekly groceries

Mom Musings:

I am really, really enjoying the fact that LP and IP are sharing a room now.  It’s not just the convenience of having a third bedroom available, or even the simplicity of having the kid’s stuff concentrated in fewer spaces.  No, what I really like (or really, really, REALLY like, if I’m talking like LP) is how cute they are together.  This morning LP woke up promptly at 7am like usual.  He immediately went over to the crib and said “Hi Baby I.”  IP started gooing.  They spent about fifteen minutes like that “talking” back and forth, with LP giving her a book and some stuffed animals.  We could hear it all on the monitor, and the G-man and I thought it was hilarious.  After a while LP came into our room for a minute (just to make sure we knew he was there) and then went right back to hanging out with IP.  Eventually the G-man went and gathered the children to start the day.

What I enjoyed most about this sibling interaction, besides the high levels of cuteness, was the fact that I see it as the beginning of their actual sibling relationship that is distinctly separate from me and the G-man.  When we first brought IP home LP was super caring and helpful with her, but all his interactions were mediated by me and the G-man out of necessity.  Now that IP is a bit older (and more durable) and they are sharing more moments like these.  We can leave them alone together in the play room for a few minutes at a time and they seem to both entertain each other quite well.  LP will tell IP how to do things and explain the “rules” to her (not that she follows them, but he is trying).  She, on the other hand, stares at him in adoration and then follows up by smacking him in the face . . . but quite lovingly.

We wanted two kids for a number of reasons, but largely because we wanted each of them to have someone else.  Someone they could always be there for and who would be there for them in return.  Sure, with siblings comes rivalry, more kid stuff in the house, and the need for separate bedrooms in the future.  But it also comes with someone else who will have your back, who will drop everything to be there for you or who you can talk to when your parents drive you nuts.  I know not every set of siblings has this relationship, but it is what I hope LP and IP have.  Having a sibling means you have someone who gets you and your family in a way that no one else ever will, and it is a special and irreplaceable relationship.  How do I know?  I’ve got my sister!  And I just hope that, when they are older, LP and IP are as close as her and I.

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