Toddler Tuesday: Dr. LP and Mr. Sloth Bear

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Today we had one of my favorite dinners – mac n’ cheese!  I used this recipe tonight – I love this cashew-based cheese.

Money Matters:

Today we stayed in – Mom was recovering from a cold.  Nothing spent!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

I’m pretty sure play-acting with stuffed animals and/or dolls is some kind of developmental step for children.  At least, I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.  LP has been doing this kind of thing for a while.  He has his “baby puppy” that he carries around, and who sometimes goes for a drive, or needs hugs.  He has Lego “guys” that sometimes drive a plane or help him cook.  He even talks about a “guy” driving a truck/plane/boat/pick-your-vehicle around our house.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what this “guy” looks like – he is one of those invisible drivers.

This week we have seen an interesting turn in this personification play.  LP’s favorite stuffed animal, Sloth Bear, has decided to assert his will.  When LP wants to do something, but he knows he isn’t supposed to do it, Sloth Bear is there, ready to engage in this troublesome behavior.  LP wants a toy from his baby sister, but he isn’t allowed to grab toys from her.  Then, all of the sudden, unbidden, Sloth Bear swoops in and grabs the toy!  As his paws close around the toy, LP says “silly Sloth Bear” and laughs uproariously.  Of course a time-out is needed.  LP reminds us that it wasn’t him – it was Sloth Bear!  Once, after such a transgression, the G-man tried a new tactic and gave Sloth Bear a time out.  Turns out that was a bad idea – LP was inconsolable.  So, now we just point out that LP is actually controlling Sloth Bear when needed, and they both get a time-out together.  I’m looking forward to this phase ending.  I’m also thinking of going back and getting a degree in child psychology so that I can figure out where the heck my kid comes up with this stuff.

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