Thursday Baby Update: “Thunk”

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Since I’m fighting a head cold, we had another soup for dinner tonight.  This time it was lentil and orzo soup.  It’s basic, but oh so good!

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $14.84 for laundry soap
  • $1.59 for cough drops at CVS
  • $58.04 at Trader Joe’s

Thursday Baby Update:

Feeding IP is an adventure, no matter what we are doing.  Tonight she had a regular baby smorgasbord: lentils, steamed carrot sticks and biscuit.  She downed the biscuits (just like her brother) and munched on the lentils for a while, the she got cranky.  After trying to show her all the goodies on her tray, I finally just put her in my lap.  She was totally happy.  Then, I put some of her food on the table in front of her, instead of her tray.  She ate it right up!  Apparently, she wanted to eat at the table like a big kid (i.e. like her brother).

However, in between bites IP decided that hitting her head on the edge of the table was a good idea.  It sounded like this:


She would bonk her head, look up, smile, eat some lentils, look around, eat some more, and then . . .


She did this at least five times.  I swear I heard her brain rattling around.  Sometimes I’m amazed my childrens’ awesome brilliance.  And sometimes I’m amazed at their stupidity.  I imagine this dual amazement will continue right through adolescence.

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