Thursday Baby Update: Nom nom nom!

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

This morning I was in the mood for a full-on breakfast, so I made tofu scramble and biscuits.  One of the coolest things about being home from work is getting to make a breakfast like this on a weekday!  Oh, and being home with my family is nice too 😉

Money Matters:
Today the G-man was busy setting up the garden, and we got to visit with a friend and her new baby.  A delightful day, and nothing spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

This last week IP’s eating has really turned a corner.  She has been eating lots of different foods since we started with more of a baby-led weaning system than a pureed-food system, but sometimes meals were still touch and go.  Sometimes she ate barely anything at all and was just super cranky the whole time.  This week, however, she has been eating more completely at meals and also seems to be enjoying it more.  Last night she loved lasagna (both eating it and playing with the noodles).  She has enjoyed steamed veggies and tofu, chili, and potatoes with tempeh.  She is chewing food much better, which leads to less gagging.  This is nice because the gagging was starting to give me anxiety issues.  I’m also feeling a bit better about her nutrition because the G-man made a pureed baby food mixture that he used to make for LP that we now have in the fridge for IP.  I’ve been giving it to her in the morning while LP and I have our smoothies.  This mixture has a high amount of (good) fat and calories with coconut and tofu, as well as lots of good yummy things like blueberries and iron-enriched oats.  IP loves it and it helps me worry less about whatever else she eats during the rest of the day.

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