Saturday Mom Musings: So Many Activities

Mom Musings:

This week has been busy for us – hence the way delayed posts.  Lately I feel like I’m always spending so much time planning for the next thing, mapping out our days, or our weeks.  I know that part of this is my nature.  I’m a planner through and through, and I am happier and less stressed when I know what is going to happen when.  However, coordinating that at home with three other people, two of whom a children, has turned out to be a challenge for me.  Things don’t always go as planned.  A whole day can be thrown off with just one late start or one missed bus.  This isn’t a problem when we don’t have much going on.  But for the last week we have had plans every single day.  They have all been fun plans.  We got to see friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  We got to go to some neat places.  But we also didn’t get to just take our time in the morning and then go to the park.  I had to worry about who was napping and eating when, and pack accordingly.  That, plus staying up late to try and get the work done that I wasn’t doing during the day wore me out.  We are still busy this week, but I really need to start leaving at least one day free of anything.  We have plenty of time together as a family.  But I haven’t been able to enjoy it as much because I’m worried about the next thing coming up, be it dinner, plans for the day, or when I’m going to squeeze a workout in. This time with my family is precious, and I don’t want to miss it by being present in body, but not in mind.

Notes from the Year of Family for this day!

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Today we went to the Great Cloth Diaper Change event for the third year in a row – and this year I changed IP’s diaper with LP ran around eating the free samples.  Such a change from a year ago when I changed LP’s diaper and IP was just a fetus making me very large and uncomfortable.  Afterwards we got a couple Chipotle burritos to share.

Money Matters:

  • $13.80 for burritos
  • $11.23 for some yummy vegan ice cream from FoMu

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