Toddler Tuesday: Waffles

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

This morning we made waffles!  Waffles are awesome.  Especially on a Tuesday morning.  LP thinks so to, as you will read about below.

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $2.00 for parking
  • $26.53 for lunch with a fantastic friend.

Tuesday Toddler Update:

This morning I had one of those moments with LP the really shows how much fun this age can be.  We came downstairs in the morning, and the first thing he “informed” me about was how he wanted to make a smoothie “all by himself.”  So, he got the blender, put in the banana, and got the fruit out of the freezer, all on his own.  I helped with the next bit, and was in the middle of blending the smoothie when he paraded into the kitchen with . . . the waffle iron.  Well, who am I to say “no” to waffles!  So, we made a batch of waffles – LP poured in some of the flour and stirred.  Then we enjoyed some delicious, special waffles.  Quite an enjoyable mother and son* morning.

*Don’t worry.  IP was also there.  She mostly played on the kitchen floor while LP and I cooked.  And then she ate about 1/4 of a waffle all on her own. 

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