Workout Wednesday: Biking again!

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

For breakfast we had lots and lots of toast.  It’s so basic, but oh so tasty with some Earth Balance butter and raspberry jam.

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $58.39 at Trader Joe’s
  • $38.94 at Whole Foods
  • $8.50 for parking at the Museum of Science

Workout Wednesday

In the last two weeks I’ve had the chance to take my bike out a few times.  The stars have to really align for me to do this.  I have to be able to have enough time to bike from home to where I’m going (after feeding a baby).  I can’t have any kids with me (the G-man is not a fan of kids seats on bikes).  Also, the weather has to be decent.  Drizzles are fine, hard core rain isn’t.

But the stars have aligned a few times, and I’m remembering how much I LOVE biking!  It’s a great way to enjoy weather, get a little bit of activity in my life and you rarely have trouble finding a parking spot!  I’m starting to get excited about all the ways I can get around on my bike when I’m out on my own, and I’m also getting excited about a day when LP can go out biking with me.  Until then he just tries to keep up with me on his tricycle.

2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Biking again!

  1. How would he feel about a trailer bike (the one that’s like a kid bike that attaches to an adult bike)? We have one and Alex loves it. He’s been on it about a year now, and would have been fine on it a while before that. Maybe Lucas is approaching an age for that? You don’t have too long before he’ll keep up on a bike either way. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the offer! I’ve run a trailer bike by Gary a few times, but he still isn’t thrilled with that. He might be ok with it on trails, but then we have to get everything to a trail. I figure the best plan is to keep him going on his balance bike and get him up on a bike with training wheels soon!

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