Saturday Mom Musings: Good Times

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

IP and I spent most of the day snacking on pita chips and Dad’s homemade hummus.  Yum!

Money Matters:

Today we were busy with music class and a thirteen-mile run for Mom.  No money spent!

Mom Musings:

With IP crawling and LP being, well, three, I’m really enjoying playing with them.  I’m sure the nice weather is a contributing factor, but lately the days have just been flying by, in a good way.  We get up and “play, play, play!” as LP says it.  We hang out in the aptly-named play room.  IP crawls around and plays with trucks.  LP puts together trains and Legos.  I do stuff with them or just sit, sip my tea and listen to NPR.  Once we’re fed and dressed we go outside, to the park, in the back yard, or just on a walk.  LP talks so incessantly I can’t believe I was ever worried about his verbal skills.  IP laughs, coos and looks around excitedly.  It’s just a joyful time to be around them.  Sure, we have rough times.  Tonight I had to put IP in the baby-containment-field (i.e. the bouncer) while I used the stove and oven.  She was not happy.  LP still gets time-outs for doing ridiculous things (you really thought it was a good idea to dump flour on the floor?).  But the majority of our time has been particularly pleasant; I would even venture to say joyful.  Tomorrow I will take the kids to the park while the G-man lowers the crib, moves our drapes and some other assorted household chores.  I’m looking forward to it.  It is working out to be a wonderful spring.

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