Toddler Tuesday: Imagination

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Today I had a baked tofu, avocado, cucumber and lettuce sandwich for lunch.  Seems basic but it was oh-so good!

Money Matters:

We were busy with playgroup-in-the-park and a Harvard developmental study today.  Nothing spent!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

I believe in the power of narrative.  We tell ourselves stories about ourselves, our lives, and our loved ones all the time.  These stories are neither true nor false; instead they inhabit a space between that links us to a larger truth, the truth about the lives we live and the people we aspire to be.

LP has just started to develop his own narratives.  There are epic tales of front-end loaders bringing dirt to buses, which then carry dirt to trains, and so on.  There are the painstaking journeys of Lego “guys” who fly planes, go to houses and cook meals.  Today LP was a little bear who ran and jumped around, picked lots of “bear-berries” and swung on his tummy.  I love watching these beautiful, innocent narratives develop as LP incorporates bits and pieces of what he has heard and experienced into these tales.  It won’t be long before his narratives become the stories about what success is and how to achieve it, or the stories of romance that is so completely not based in reality, but feels incredibly, inexorably real to every adolescent.  For now he is just stretching these story-telling muscles that will grow both stronger and limber as he navigates in this world.

I hope his stories always have bear-berries.

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