Thursday Baby Update: Movin’ and Shakin’

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Mom snacked on some chips and salsa on her way to work today.  Simple is good!

Money Matters:

Today Dad was in charge of the kids while Mom was at work.  No money spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

As previously reported, IP is definitely a crawler.  Lately she has become a fast crawler.  I used to be able to put on the kitchen floor while I unloaded some dishes.  It would take her five minutes before she worked her way into the dining room.  Now, if I try to deal with dishes, the minute I turn around she makes a beeline for our playroom – which involves stepping down a large step.  Or, in IP’s case, falling down a large step.  Yep, that has happened.  Mommy fail.

Luckily, big brother has come to the rescue!  When his sister is in Speedy Gonzalez mode he loves to get her to chase him.  He stands in the dining room and she scoots right at him.  Then he runs into the living room and she follows right behind, both of them laughing all the way.  Then I can get, like, three dishes unloaded.  Go team!

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