Toddler Tuesday: Game time with the vacuum!

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

We went out for a special ice cream treat just before the thunderstorm.  Soy coffee lace for all of us!

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $5.00 for ice cream
  • $31.86 for a soda stream cartridge

Tuesday Toddler Update:

Tonight I decided to vacuum.  I figured we were overdue for it since IP has decided that lots of the dirt on the floor looks tasty.  LP really, really wanted to help.  He promised to “follow directions.”  So, first he got to help me turn on the vacuum.  Then he got to help me actually vacuum the floor, but with both of us holding on to the vacuum handle.  He was really good about letting go when I told him to.  Then, when we were tackling the kitchen, he got to move the vacuum around all by himself.  Very exciting, and most productive game ever!

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