Toddler Tuesday: Special times with Mom and Dad

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Tonight we had some Amok curry using a curry mix a friend got for us on a trip to Cambodia.  It was delicious!

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $113.00 at Coscto for food and diapers
  • $26.57 for a case of summer beer.  ‘Tis the season!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

On the drive back from playgroup-in-the-park today IP fell asleep in her car seat.  We brought her in the living room where she slept (still in the car seat) for another 30 minutes.  This was enough time for the rest of us to have some lunch.  While we were having our lunch the G-man and I talked to LP (mostly about the dump truck he saw at the park).  At some point I went off to do something else (check e-mail, put dishes away) and LP said “Mommy, come back!  I want you!”  I came back and he gave me and the G-man a hug.  He said “I like hanging out with you.”  The G-man and I both told LP “we like hanging out with you too!”  The G-man added in “It’s nice to hang out as a family.  You, me, Mommy and IP.”  LP glances towards the living room, then looks back at us and, with a conspiratorial whisper said, “I like it when it just Mommy, Daddy and LP.  That is nice sometimes.”

Yes it is little guy.  Yes it is 😉

Don’t worry. We’re still keeping the baby around.  In fact, I think she might say the same thing.  She loves having LP’s toys all to herself when he is asleep.  I think there is extra glee in her eyes because she thinks she is getting away with something.

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