A Nice Moment

Check out this awesome artwork:

funat vg

At first glance you might think it looks like something a three-year old would do.  And you would be right.  A three-year old assisted by his two artistic parents (see the yellow banana in the top right?  That’s my contribution.  Partially hidden at the bottom are the stink lines the G-man added).

But these scribbles on the restaurant free-coloring page are more than meets the eye.

They represent a brief moment.  A moment when the baby was asleep, our food was ordered, and the only thing the G-man and I needed to do was hang out with our three-year old son.  He got attention, 100% of it, from both of us, at once.  It was magic.  He told us what colors to use and we did.  He drew some things and let us color in some others.  We marveled at how he colored in the lines of the fork and laughed with him when he scrawled red and blue streaks across the page.

The moment didn’t last long.  The baby woke up.  The food came.  LP did something to get in trouble (I think it was looking over the back of our booth into the booth behind ours).  But it was a nice moment.  It wasn’t amazing, or exhilarating.  It was truly just nice, the way floating in a calm ocean is nice, or the way a comforting bowl of mac-n-cashew-cheese is nice.

I like to capture these moments when we have them, hold them in my mind, roll them around in my memory, ready to pull out at a moments notice when I think I might scream or cry.  It’s nice to hang onto this short, sweet moments.

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