Workout Wednesday: A Yoga Studio I don’t feel awkward in!

Yesterday I went to a yoga class at an actual yoga studio for the first time in over five years. In fact, the last time I went to a yoga studio was in Berkeley (California). Since that one time in Berkeley I have used yoga DVDs and gone to a free yoga class through a local parenting group, but I had shied away from yoga studios.  Mostly I did have a great experience at the one I had gone to before.  Everyone around me was skinny, in super stylish yoga-wear (think Lululemon if it had been around then) and I did not fit in.  I knew I would probably be able to find a studio or class I did like, but the classes were pricy enough that it didn’t seem worth the effort.

Fast-forward a number of years and I was ready to try again. The main impetus was the fact that I had participated in the free yoga class from the parenting group and really enjoyed it. Through that class I realized what a difference a good yoga teacher, who actually helps you with the poses, can make. Also, doing yoga at home has become less feasible with two kids who want to do yoga “with” me. I love doing triangle pose with LP, but it is hard to focus on my own practice and breathing when he is tipping over and IP is running around between my legs and giggling.   Then my parents offered to pay for the first few yoga classes as a birthday gift.  All I had to do was find a studio to try!

Yesterday I finally made it to Samara Yoga in Davis Square a place that is near my house and would also be easy to go to on my way home from work.  I only went to one class, and I plan on going to another one tomorrow, but here are things I loved about this studio/class

  • When I walked in everyone was nice – I didn’t feel like an outsider who didn’t know the ropes
  • There was a wide age range of people – some folks in their late 60s, some in their early 20s
  • There were some guys in the class.  Made me think that I could send the G-man one of these days.
  • There were yoga blocks, blankets and straps for everyone to use if the needed to
  • The teacher came around and helped people with poses
  • The yoga kicked my ass.  Seriously, I don’t ever remember stretching my hamstrings that much ever.  But it felt really good!

I’m excited to go back tomorrow.

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