Workout Wednesday: Biking around!

This week I had the opportunity to ride my bike the same route as my new commute. I’m going to be biking to a different subway station in the fall, since my school has moved into a new building. It was twice as long as my previous commute, so I was kinda nervous that it would be really annoying – or at least make me too sweaty to complete the ride in my work clothes. Turns out it was a breeze. It took me just as much time to go three miles to this station as it does to go 1.5 miles to my usual station. The difference? Hills! My old route had two big hills.  This route: none.  All flat. And only one annoying intersection. I was really worried about how this would all work out, but it turns out all is well. One more piece of the going-back-to-work-puzzle has fallen into place. I’m so happy to still get a little bit of a bike workout in on my way to and from work.

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