Mom Musings: On Spontaneity

Mom Musings:

Not that it’s news, but becoming a parent changed my life.  Mostly for the better. I have two great kids that are loads of fun to hang out with.  I love watching the construction vehicles that are fixing up our water pipes while my son tells me the difference between a backhoe and a front-end loader.  I love having my little “helpers” put muffin-lines in the muffin pan when I’m baking.  I love reading bedtime stories and snuggling.

But sometimes I wish I could just go to a movie if I felt like it.  I wish the G-man and I could still just eat (vegan) cheese, crackers, drink wine, and call it dinner.

I miss spontaneity.  Actually, I take that back.  The G-man and I are not known for our spontaneity.  We rarely went to movies or went out at the last minute when we were childless.  But I miss the potential of spontaneity.  The other day I was thinking how nice it would be to just go out for a movie and then dinner and a drink at a local bar.  Or, at least to know I could do it.  And, yes, I know, we could do it.  But we would need a babysitter, it would cost way more (see “babysitter”) and it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

So, I’ll keep enjoying the bedtime snuggles and the games with play-doh.  I’ll keep relishing the moments I have with my children now, while they are young, because I know the years fly by.

But I might just feed them a healthy dinner and bring out the popcorn and the wine after kiddo bedtime.

Who am I kidding?  I’m totally gonna have popcorn and wine for dinner tonight.


Kiddo Update

IP is rocking the walking!  She now walks more than she crawls. She especially likes to chase after big brother. In fact, her favorite game these days is to chase after big brother when he crawls around. Hilarious giggles ensue.  IP also prefers to eat on the go. We can rarely keep her in her high-chair for a meal for more than ten minutes. After that she wants to eat on the go. She has a pattern.  She gets down (after much banging on her tray). Then, she putters over to Daddy to get a bite off his fork. After that, it is off to big brother to say “Hi Baba!” and then to Mommy for a bite off of her fork. After that it is off for some play time, before maybe venturing back of a few more morsels.

LP is still doing well at school. He had one day when we didn’t want Daddy to leave, but after the parent helper read him a story and hung out with him for a few minutes he was fine. He is always excited to go to school, but he also wants to hang out with us at home, which means it is nice that he only goes three days a week –  it means we have plenty of time to hang out as a family too.  LP has been meeting assistant once now, which meant he got to ring the bell and hold the door before outside play time. He likes to ask me who my meeting assistance was at my school. It makes me wish we had more “outside play time” in high school!

At home LP continues to be our big helper.  He puts groceries away in the pantry, he helps me roll spring rolls, he is always a good pancake and waffle mixer, and he loves to help put IP to bed by reading her a story and giving her lots of kisses.  He still is the best big brother!


Hey, look at that! Part II
Hey, look at that!
Cheerio nose!
Cheerio nose!
Ready to go out!
Ready to go out!
Hey, look at that!
Hey, look at that! Part II
Sleepy time
Sleepy time

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