Kiddo Update

Yeah, I’ve been slacking on the blogging.  There just always seem to be more assignments to grade, more meals to cook, more cleaning to do and (most importantly) kids to cuddle and read to.  So, blogging takes a back seat sometimes.  Rather than continuing to wait until I have a thoughtful and awe-inspiring post to right, I thought I would post just do a WAY overdue Kiddo Update today.  So, here is the last month-ish in a nutshell.

Thanksgiving happened!  We had a lovely day at home, just the four of us.  We ate seitan roast, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, pumpkin biscuits and chocolate cream pie.  Yes, this was the same menu as last year; LP saw our Thanksgiving picture from 2012 and wanted to replicate that meal.  I’m glad it was a yummy one we were willing to have again!

School is happening!  LP continues to thrive at pre-school.  He is starting to interact and play with kids more, not just with the parent helpers.  That being said, he still likes to hang out with the grown ups.  When the teacher asked the kids were asked what they were thankful for, many of the sweet children named a family member, such as their mother, father, sibling, grandparent, etc.  LP said he was “thankful for Amy.”  Amy is his favorite parent helper – and notably not me or the G-man.  Luckily the G-man and I really just find this cute.  And it made me feel less bad about eating the last piece of chocolate cream pie instead of saving it for my kids.

Toddler-life is happening!  IP is getting into everything.  She knows how to use a stool to climb up on furniture (thanks to the G-man teaching her.  Brilliant move honey).  She also has a few more words.  We are working on getting her to say “up” when she wants to be held, rather than just screaming.  I was fondly remembering LP saying “uppies!” when he was around this age.  IP mostly lets out a cave-person style grunt like this:


Sigh.  She also likes to point at people’s eyes and say “eye.”  Well, “point” isn’t quite the right work.  Poke-out-with-her-pointy-finger might be a bit more accurate.

Winter Holiday time is happening!  We got a Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend, and LP and I have enjoyed several afternoons of drinking hot chocolate and reading stories by the tree.  LP is super excited about Christmas.  He is most excited about seeing his grandparents and aunt.  The only present idea we have had for him was that he wanted his own yoga mat – a green one.  He also loves listening to the Muppet version of Jingle Bell Rock.

Here are some pictures of the family in action.  View and enjoy!

Playing with my toys!
Playing with my toys!
Part of our Thanksgiving Feast (you can see we already dug into the rest!)
Part of our Thanksgiving Feast (you can see we already dug into the rest!)
Ready for a snowy outing!
Ready for a snowy outing!

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