Kiddo Update: What to do inside on Snow Days!

As mentioned in my earlier post about Oatmeal Apple Pancakes, snow days are loads of fun for a California transplant like me.  But after two snow days and lots of cold weather in the meantimes, I’m starting to miss the way my children get energy out of their system outside, rather than making me crazy inside.  Here are some of the activities we (but mostly LP) have come up with during our many indoor days of play.

1) Train driving: LP is quite the train fanatic (much like his Grandpa H) and he can happily run around the house like a train engine.  Sometimes he lets IP be the coal car and then she is given the task privilege of following him around as he races in circles yelling “choo choo!!”

2) Snow plow/Street sweeper driving: Similar to train driving, but with an added tool – the broom.  Both kids fight over take turns using the broom to “push” snow out of their way or clean the streets.

Snow Man Building in VT (Even more exciting that indoor snow plowing!)
Snow Man Building in VT (Even more exciting that indoor snow plowing!)

3) Yoga and Crossfit: Sometimes I try to exercise with my kids around (above and beyond the weight-lifting I do when they both want to be picked up repeatedly).  When I am stretching, we all end up doing some yoga time.  When I’m doing some body weight exercises, LP usually wants to join in.  Yesterday I was doing a few sets of burpees, and both kids got into it.  Their burpees mostly involved flopping on the floor, standing up again, and then flopping again.  But, that is probably what mine looked like too.

4) Dance class: LP has been having lots of fun with the dance teacher that comes to his pre-school.  He likes to teach “dance class” for me and IP.  Dance class includes the “spin around and fall” dance, the “shake-your-booty” dance and, of course, a jig.

Dance Party!
Dance Party!

5) “Don’t bug Mommy” game: Sometimes I’m trying to do something that is more easily done without children around, such as breathe, pee, make lunch, check e-mail, or just sit for 20 seconds.  I will tell the kids that they need to leave me alone and entertain themselves for a little bit.  They will play on their own for a few minutes, and then somebody will hurt themselves/get mad/want a hug, etc.  I will either fix the problem for them or tell them to figure it out (based on the issue).  Calm play might then continue for a few minutes before we repeat.  This continues until I give up finish what I’m doing and we all decide to have another dance class.

6) Get the bleep outside: This game involves sending both children out with their Dad to shovel.  Sometimes Mom also joins in and will throw snow balls at Dad.  Everyone has a great time playing outside, LP is a master shoveler, and then they all come in for hot chocolate.  Mom puts peppermint schnapps in hers and all is right with the world again.

Mom took a really lousy picture of the shovelers.  Maybe too much schnapps?
Mom took a really lousy picture of the shovelers. Maybe too much schnapps?

It’s been fun to live in a winter wonderland, but spring can come on over whenever it’s ready!

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