Week 4: Create a menu framework

There are days when I used to spend thirty minutes in the afternoon browsing cookbooks, food magazines, and bookmarked recipes to put together a weekly menu.  There were also days when I didn’t step on Legos, or when I could spend my Sunday morning with a newspaper and a pot of tea.

Then I had kids.

Making the weekly menu needed to be quick and easy – no more lazy browsing and pondering.  So, I developed a loose framework for our weekly menu that helped me:

Marie’s Weekly Dinner Plan

  • Soup

  • Stew OR Chili

  • Stir-fry or tofu-veggies with sauce

  • Pasta dish

  • Pizza OR Polenta OR Patty (such as falafel or black bean burgers)

  • New recipe (or quick and easy dinner)

  • Leftovers

This framework narrows the decisions I have to make AND reminds me to focus on easy-to-make-ahead meals.  You could have a totally different framework (such as one that includes burrito night, salad night, etc.).  Any framework makes meal planning much faster and much easier – which means feasible for parents!


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