Wrapping up the Month of Meal Planning

Well, I’ve spent March exposing all my loyal readers to the inner-workings of my brain when it comes to meal planning.  I’ve tried to both convince you to try out some meal planning and prep for yourself, and I’ve also tried to give you some tools to do so.  Today I want to leave you with a final succinct explanation of why I do all this work, with my lists, my weekend prep, etc.

I want to eat healthy, plant-based, affordable meals

I want weeknights to be relaxed

That is what it comes down to.  I want to eat good and affordable food, and that means not buying frozen dinners, pre-chopped veggies, etc.  I also don’t want to the hours of 5-7 to be stressful – sometimes its the only time I get to see my kids!  About six months ago, with these two realities in mind, I began developing my meal preparation system.  And it works.  It’s worth the planning and prep time it takes, because my family eats well, and evenings are a bit less stressful.

You might only try one of the suggestions I’ve made this month, such as making two soups at once and freezing one, or shopping in your pantry before you plan dinners, but no matter what you try, I encourage you to do something.  Make time to try something new that might help you eat healthier, save money, or keep you sanity on Wednesday nights.  It’s worth the time – I promise!

Thanks for sticking with me this month!  Keep an eye out for more Mom Musings and Kiddo Updates coming your way soon!

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