Funny Times in Kid Land

Finally, a much anticipated kiddo update!!

Our son wants to become a comedian.  He has recently learned the power of humor and jokes, and uses that power whenever possible.

It started a while ago when he began using this phrase: “What is going on here?”  Words on the page don’t do it justice, but nothing was funnier at the dinner table than when he would tell us about his day this way:

“At preschool the light bulb was out.  And to Eleanor (his teacher) I was like ‘What is going on here??!!’  Later when Mommy came home she had to take her bike helmet off.  And I was like ‘What is going on here??!!'”

And so on.  I’m pretty sure both the phrase What is going on here??!!” as well as the “I was like . . .” that precedes it come from my mouth originally.  But once LP figured out that we laughed at this, he kept going with it.  Eventually we stopped responding so much, and, like any good comedian, he read the room and decided to move onto a different type of humor.

Enter poop

Yep.  We’re in that phase.  “Poop” is the most hilarious word known to man.

Poop is funny!
Poop is funny!

Forget George Carlin and his biting performance about the words you can’t say on television.  Forget the satirical mastery of Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert.

Poop is where it’s at.

First LP just ran around saying “poop” and laughing uproariously.  Then he moved on to juxtapose “poop” with other objects.  For example:

“Poop in the potty” (tee hee hee) 

“Poop on the chair” (chuckle, chuckle)

“Poop on the floor” (ha ha ha)

“Poop on paper” (HA HA HA)

At no point was poop on any of these objects (thank god).  Instead, just the mere mention of poop with non-poop-related objects is the source of much mirth.  Having studied how humor works, I see how LP is doing a pretty cool creative thing.  He is searching for combinations that are surprising in a funny way.  It is actually the right path to developing a sense of humor.

The G-man and I have been deliberately not laughing or responding to the poop talk, just because we don’t want the “poop” things to stick around any longer than it has to.  But it turns out, our reactions don’t really matter.  Because LP has an audience who things his poop jokes are the best things ever, and loves to trail along behind him, chiming in with “poop” and more uproarious laughter

Guess who is TOTALLY into poop humor?
Guess who is TOTALLY into poop humor?

Yep.  I guess that is what adoring little siblings are for.  Looks like low-brow humor is here to stay for a bit.


After we're done with comedy hour, it's time for plants!
After we’re done with comedy hour, it’s time for plants!
Our newest family member - our new kitty!
Our newest family member – our new kitty!

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