Music Time

Our kids really enjoy music. They are both at a fun age, because LP has just started adapting songs, while IP has started singing along. We’ve taken them to Music Together classes since they were little. Both of them love the “Hello” song as well as all the songs that involve a pony or horse galloping somewhere (which really means the kids get to bounce in our laps).  They always enjoy those ones. There are also plenty of other “kid songs” they really love.  LP is really into “B-I-N-G-O” these days, and IP sings “Old Mac Donald” all the time (with a special emphasis on “E-I-E-I-O” as loud as she can) Recently more kid-movie songs have entered our lives. Neither kid has seen a movie yet, but with preschool it’s impossible to hide from the Frozen and Lego Movie soundtracks. I personally enjoy “Let it Go” more than the kids, but LP really likes the “Everything is

Everything really is awesome after a day at the pond!
Everything really is awesome after a day at the pond!

Awesome” song from the Lego movie. I used to comment to the G-man that it was cute how LP only sang the same couple lines over and over again, and the G-man replied that there were actually only a couple of lines repeated in the entire song. So true. As IP runs around shouting “E-I-E-I-O” and “cow says MOO,” LP is getting more creative with his singing. He is starting to put different words to the music of songs we have sung to him for years, and it is pretty cute. Of course, my earlier song choices are coming back to haunt me. Back when LP first started to brush his teeth, Glee did it’s Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. So, I worked on brushing his teeth to the music of “Toucha, toucha, touch me” Totally kid-friendly, right? So now he is helping his little sister brush teeth, and I hear him in the bathroom singing “Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a, brush me.  I want to get brushy . . .” It’s both hilarious and unnerving to think about the associations he will make when he sees the movie for the first time.  Similarly, Jimmy Fallon did a bit with Will Ferrell about two guys wearing tight pants, back when he was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

We sing that song a lot in our house, but we just replace “tight pants” with whatever else we are wearing doing. For example

  • Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout my jammies. Got my jammies. Got my jammies on!
  • Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout my clean hair (while washing hair).  Got my clean hair. Got my clean hair on!
  • Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout my train undies . . .

Last week, In our most recent musical experience, we went to a local concert with the kids band Matt Heaton and the Outside toys.  It was a blast, and he sang lots and lots of great songs, both standards and his own stuff. LP was up and dancing most of the time, and IP was just mesmerized. It is so great to have them love music so much, and I hope it just continues to bring them more joy. Speaking of joy, there was on Matt Heaton song that Lucas has latched onto, and he is really into the singing the chorus these days. It’s the soon-to-be classic: “Don’t Drink the Water that Your Butt’s Been in”

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