Memories sold on Craigslist

This week we sold our changing table. It was a great changing table with three big drawers that we have used downstairs since our first was born. I remember finding it on Craigslist a little over 5 years ago. We had to take it apart so that it would fit in our compact car. I remember that one of the reasons I like it (besides the storage space) was that it had a safety strap you could strap around the baby while you chaining a diaper

That table survived diaper blow-outs, juice spills and all other forms of assorted chaos. It housed disposable diapers, cloth diapers, diaper cream, and brand-new big kid underpants.The bottom drawer has been both clothes storage and a play oven. Both kids have rolled precariously on the table at various points, and one time IP even managed to roll herself (safely and softly) into the top drawer. I never did use that darn strap.

For most of the last four years a changing blanket and box of wipes covered the surface. Occasional a stuffed animal made it’s way up there to get a diaper change from one of the kids. More recently, all the diaper paraphernalia vanished, and it’s surface has been covered with drawings, stickers and seed packets.

It was time for the table to go. The kids are both 100% out of diapers now, and they love having all their clothes in their bedroom where they help each other get dressed in the morning. We wanted the floor space instead of the drawer space. Since I’m still on my minimalist kick, I get a little de-cluttering rush of joy every time we get rid of something. The G-man posted the changing table on Craigslist Sunday morning, and by Sunday night we had someone coming over to take it away.

They were a nice couple. She was five months pregnant and was due this summer. We chatted while the guys took the table apart so that it would fit in their compact car. They are nervous and excited, and still figuring out which stuff they need to get. They were also happy about the safety strap because they know safety is key for a baby.

They are us from five and a half years ago.

As they were putting the last pieces in the car, the G-man and I high-fived. We made it through diapers! But a small bittersweet tear came to my eye as we then exchanged the money and wished them luck as they drove away with a bit of our memories tucked inside their trunk. I won’t miss cleaning poop on a daily basis. But I do miss my little babies every once in a while.


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