5 Kid-friendly Make-ahead Meals (Vegan style!)

As most of my readers know, I spend a few hours on Sunday getting meals ready for the week. Just two hours in the kitchen on Sunday makes weeknight dinners much easier and less stressful, and gives me much needed time with my family after an 11 hour work day. After doing this for over a year I have found some favorites that are both easy to make on a Sunday afternoon, and are a BIG hit with the kiddos! So, here are my 5 most kid-friendly make-ahead meals. Try one this week and see how relaxing a weeknight can be!

1) Minestrone Soup

It’s got beans, pasta, and veggies and is incredibly low-prep – just saute, combine and simmer.

Yummy Soup!
Soup: The ultimate make-ahead meal 

2) Burrito Night

With some made-ahead refried black beans and pre-sliced fajita veggies you will be ready to go when burrito night comes around. With the beans already made and the veggies sliced just cook the veggies and fold everything into a delicious burrito. Extra yum with avocado!


3) Polenta with Ranchero Beans

This delicious dish is easy to set up on Sunday afternoon, where you just make the ranchero beans in 20 minutes, throw them in the fridge, and then pull them out while you mix up some polenta (only 15 minutes for that!). Once again, this is one my kids can really pack away!

Polenta Rancheros
Polenta Rancheros

4) Kids-Love-It-Lentil Soup

Soup is always a great make-ahead meal, and this one has the kid-friendly part built right into the name! This is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at our house!

5) Stir-fry

It’s an oldie but a goodie. When you chop veggies ahead of time, all you have to do is stir-fry them up with a little bit of tamari, sesame oil and ginger. Put it on top of rice and noodles and you’ve got a fresh and delicious dinner with almost no work needed!

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