Best Vegan Kid-Friendly Recipes

My kids (3 and 5) have had their picky eater moments over the years, but even when all they want is rice with butter, I still always make meals that ALL of us as a family eat. Since my husband and I don’t always want rice with butter to, I try to make meals that I know my kids will like as much as my husband and I do. Most of the time my kids gobble them up, even when they still ask for rice and butter at the end! Here are the top six Kid-Friendly recipes I’ve developed through the years.

#6: Taco Salad

The great thing about Taco Salad is that it is customizable. If you like more beans and less avocado, adjust accordingly! When I make this I like to put out bowls with all the toppings and then let the kids build their own salad on their plate of lettuce. It’s super fun and super tasty!

#5: Kids Love it Lentil Soup

This is an oldie but a goodie. This lentil soup is as basic as you can make it, but that appeals to both my kiddos, pretty much any time of year. Enjoy this with a crusty loaf of bread or a salad and you are set for a full family dinner!

#4: Hummus

This is another basic one, but a total kid favorite. They will dip anything in this hummus: pita chips, bell pepper, carrot sticks, etc. It’s great for a snack, or even a cool meal on a hot summer night!

#3: Hobo Packs

Looking for an easy meal to take on your next camping trip? Or maybe a veggie option for grilling? Look no further than these Hobo Packs, one of the most popular recipes on this blog, and with my kids!

#2: Curried Squash and Veggies

This was a surprise hit at our house, but I credit the success of this savory dish to the mild curry powder I made. Since neither of my kids are big on spicy heat, this dish satisfied my craving for curry, and their for flavorful veggies. A winner for all!

#1: Green Smoothies

While it may not always count as a meal, I can always count on a green smoothie to get some veggies in my kids when they are carb-loading. These smoothies are a family favorite, and we often have them for breakfast or a mid-day snack!

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