Another Vegan Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone for our vegan family, and once again I am surprised at how easy it has been to deal with this candy-centric holiday as vegans. Every year I assume it is going to get harder for LP to give up the non-vegan candy, or that somehow he will feel left … More Another Vegan Halloween

Happy Halloween (or, our first candy purge)

Mom Musings: A few weeks ago we celebrated LP’s fourth halloween, and really his second halloween to involve any candy (although he did get about four treats last year). This year was a bit of a milestone.  LP is in preschool, and he has got the trick-or-treating concept figured out. He was a little shy … More Happy Halloween (or, our first candy purge)

Saturday: A Vegan trick-or-TREAT

Vegan Goodness: Today we ate: Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies for Mom and LP followed by delicious NYC bagels from LP’s aunt! Lunch: Leftover spring rolls, leftover pasta and some more bagels. Dinner: Mom and Dad went out – just the two of them!!  We enjoyed a hearty dinner at Veggie Galaxy, with the G-man having the … More Saturday: A Vegan trick-or-TREAT