A Summer of Accomplishments

This summer was a busy one, but busy in a way that I enjoy. There were very few scheduled activities (except for the plethora of birthday parties)! Yet we were busy every day, going to the pond, the park, a different park, the beach, blueberry picking, etc. This lack of schedule also opened up opportunities … More A Summer of Accomplishments

Kiddo Update: What to do inside on Snow Days!

As mentioned in my earlier post about Oatmeal Apple Pancakes, snow days are loads of fun for a California transplant like me.  But after two snow days and lots of cold weather in the meantimes, I’m starting to miss the way my children get energy out of their system outside, rather than making me crazy inside.  Here are … More Kiddo Update: What to do inside on Snow Days!

Summer Daze

I’ve been slacking on posting because I’ve been busy living.  We have had a glorious summer to wrap up the Year of Family.  Here are a few highlights: Blueberry Picking Watching for Garbage Trucks Taking long summer naps Visiting Farm Animals Eating Waffles and Making Funny Faces