Saturday: Blast from the Past Mom Musings

Vegan Goodness: Today we ate: Breakfast: Toast and cereal for everyone. Mom snacked on more roasted/salted almonds.  Lunch: Baked tofu sandwiches from New Leaf Market – a great find Dinner: A hodge-podge of veggie tempura sushi, hummus and crackers, apples, etc.  Money Matters: Today we spent the following: $17.77 for our tofu sandwiches and ginger … More Saturday: Blast from the Past Mom Musings

June 1st, 2010

Mom’s Stuff: Like most women I know, I have always found fault with my body, and I have often felt like I just needed to lose that “last” five pounds. When I was pregnant I worked out religiously up until month seven with the goal of not only staying in shape, but also being able … More June 1st, 2010