Thursday Baby Update: Trying to Eat Her Feet

Vegan Goodness: Today we ate: Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies (for Mom and LP) and pancakes for everyone.  Thanksgiving pancakes are kind of a tradition for us! We all munched on almonds during a beautiful fall hike that made us thankful to leave among fall colors. Lunch: Leftover Lasagna THANKSGIVING Dinner!!  Setian Roast Stuffing (with onion, celery, … More Thursday Baby Update: Trying to Eat Her Feet

August 20th 2010

Mom’s Stuff: I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a control freak. Most of the challenges in my life stem from my “need” to have control over things I have no actual command over. In high school I had a complete meltdown when I broke my hand and couldn’t play basketball, although I … More August 20th 2010

July 15th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff: No excuses – I’ve been slacking on the blog writing. I’d love to give some great reasons – like I have been working hard on school stuff, or writing articles or working out so much. But the reality is that the thought of engaging my brain sometimes just feels too hard. I think … More July 15th, 2010

June 25th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff: Unlike my other blog, I don’t have titles for my posts here, other than the date. But if this post were going to have a title it would be “Multi-tasking.” One of the hard things I have had to learn about taking care of a baby is that I don’t get to finish … More June 25th, 2010