June 8th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
Just when you think you have a handle on things you baby tells you otherwise. The last two nights have been rough on all three of us. Last night I got up with LP from 2-3:30, and then dad was up with him from 3:45-5:15, at which point I took LP, fed him and brought him downstairs to the swing. All three of us were exhausted, and the G-man and I have no idea why LP couldn’t sleep on his own the way he has been doing for weeks. Maybe its gas, maybe it was too cold – who knows. At least LP has been sleeping in his swing from 5:30 until now (almost 9) and might even sleep more. That is unusual for him and more evidence – in my mind – that something was preventing him from sleeping well last night. I thought we were through the phase where we just congratulated ourselves on surviving, but I guess I was wrong.

LP’s Stuff:
Other than not sleeping well for two nights, LP has been doing good in other areas. He has become way more playful and interested in things. Anything he can hold he sticks in his mouth (as best he can). He also seems more into the books we read him, and he reaches out his hand and tries to turn the pages (or at least seems to be). He also has transitioned to a bit more of a nap schedule, although that might be even more short-lived than I had hoped. Overall, he is still a very happy baby.


A new thing! It must go in my mouth!!

Dad – stop trying to make me be cute for the camera!

Mom and LP – graduation and the post-graduation party!

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