Incompetent Parental Sidekicks

Last week I took LP grocery shopping with me, just the two of us. We were at Trader Joe’s where they have a corner with a food and drink sample. We stopped for a taste of lemonade, and then continued on with the shopping. but soon LP kept saying he wanted the animal crackers. “We … More Incompetent Parental Sidekicks

A Nice Moment

Check out this awesome artwork: At first glance you might think it looks like something a three-year old would do.  And you would be right.  A three-year old assisted by his two artistic parents (see the yellow banana in the top right?  That’s my contribution.  Partially hidden at the bottom are the stink lines the … More A Nice Moment

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day has a different meaning when you have kids – obviously.  For one thing, now I call my Dad and I have to be nice to the G-man all day.  But really, for the past four years, Father’s Day has been about a connection between my past and my present, my experience as a … More Happy Father’s Day

The Work of Home

Mom Musings: While the summer is still gloriously stretching out in front of me, I have started to think about what it will be like to go back to teaching in September.  I’m super lucky to be going back part-time.  I will work two set days a week, and alternate Fridays with another teacher.  I … More The Work of Home