An Almost Perfect Day

This Saturday was a damn near perfect day.

It was the day of my daughter’s birthday party. It was a low-key party at a local park – just a few of our friends were there since so many folks were on vacation. In the early morning, I frosted the cupcakes with the kids helping me, still in their pajamas. We headed over a little before 10am and had the park almost to ourselves. The only other family there was a mom with two kids about the same age as ours, who had just moved into the neighborhood. We chatted and make sure they knew they were welcome to partake in the birthday party festivities.

The rest of our friends all came. Kids played. parents chatted some more. Fruit, muffins (vegan of course) and other snacks were consumed. Children were made to drink copious amounts of water on this hot day. My daughter got her chocolate cupcakes with pink and white frosting, she got her birthday song and candle, and then she continued to play with her friends gleefully.

I talked to some of my own friends while our children played. We had a few lovely, uninterrupted adult conversations while our children all had a wonderful time. It felt miraculous. The party wound down, and we all headed home for lunch.

At home, we ate salad and baked tofu sandwiches, and then I went up to my office upstairs to work for two hours. I focused on creating my next online course and writing blog posts for my Create Balance website. I had creative time in my own little bubble and was proud and excited about what I made. It felt miraculous.

The G-man and the kids set up the kiddie pool in the front yard to beat the heat. Neighborhood kids came over to join in the fun. When I finished work, I went outside and sat on the porch. I played with my kids. I soaked my feet in the pool. Together, with my family and our neighborhood friends, I just enjoyed the moment, enjoyed our time, didn’t worry about the next thing or the thing after. It felt miraculous.

We ended the day by grilling some of the squash that is overflowing in our garden, some veggie burgers, and then I gave the kids a bath. They made pretend tea, coffee, and hot chocolate to serve me while they played in the tub. Later we watched one of their favorite shows together while I combed hair.

After the kids were in bed the G-man and I watched a movie. Just us, no email checking, no web surfing, just snuggling up and watching a movie. It was a lovely way to end the day.

If you made it this far in my story, thanks. It’s not the most interesting or exciting day. In fact, as I read over what I’ve written, I realize it sounds like a pretty boring day. But that is what made it so special. We all have too many days when our minds are pulled to what we

But that is what made it so special. We all have too many days when our minds are pulled to what we

We all have too many days when our minds are pulled to what we should be doing instead of being focused on what we are doing. We all have too many days when we are trying to do more activities than can fit in the time we have. I’m no stranger to these days, even though I have been working to minimize them for a few years now. So when a day comes along that isn’t that, when a day comes along that has just enough action and work to keep us all happy and busy, and just enough open time to relax to keep us happy and calm, I recognize it for the miraculous gift it is. I try to do what I can to make these miraculous days happen. But sometimes I just need to recognize the gift of a day like this when I see it.

This Saturday was a gift. It was a damn near perfect day.


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