Sunday: Picture Day with our new family of four

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies for dad and LP and cereal for Mom and LP
  • Lunch: LP had hummus and crackers and some peaches.  Mom had a mini-burrito and toasted chocolate bread and Dad had leftover thai food.
  • After LP’s nap he and mom made a special treat – a green smoothie in the afternoon!  I think he wanted one because we turned on his special “get up” light for his nap today, and apparently when it’s “light on” time it is also smoothie time!  LP also had some more hummus and tomatoes from the garden
  • Dinner: Tofu scramble and biscuits – breakfast for dinner is the ultimate comfort food!

Money Matters:
We enjoyed a low-key day at home with Mom and Dad each getting a nap in.  We didn’t spend anything, but the G-man is working on big plans to get squirrels to stop decimating our garden.  We’ll see how much that sets us back when his plans are set!

Sunday’s Picture Gallery:

Enjoy these pictures of our family (well, really LP and IP) in action!

Baby IP, sleeping for about 1 minute!
All my kiddos
LP with his one of his MANY big brother presents!
“Hey Dad – check it out. I’m a big brother now!”





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