Saturday: Spending Time

Mom Musings:

If you subscribe to this blog you may have noticed a lag in posts this week.  Today I am finally getting caught up.  I’ve had plenty of things to write about, much of which I thought about this week as I washed dishes, fed a baby, switch closets with the G-man, etc.  But I didn’t take the time to sit and write.  I want to be clear.  I’m not busy in the I-have-more-plans-than-time-to-do-them way.  My days lately have actually been pretty calm and chill, except for my recent clutter meltdown (in which I yelled at the G-man “Where did all this crap (i.e. our stuff) come from!!!”)  Seriously though, here are some things I have made time for, even when I let this blog lag:

  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Watching a TV show with the G-man
  • Playing with IP when she is awake (and her brother is not)
  • Organizing and clearing out stuff I own (but don’t use)
  • Meeting friends for coffee (or a soy hot chocolate)

I’m ok with this, even though I want to get back on track with blogging.  I’ve found that when I made time for these things this week (and didn’t worry about other stuff) I was happier, I slept better and I enjoyed the kids more.  I’ve always done these kinds of things, but I rarely really seriously considered how to set aside time for them.  Having this year away from (paid) work has helped me think about the other ways I spend my time, and I’m starting to learn how to spend it better.  And by better I don’t mean more efficiently, or more productively (which is what I usually mean by better).  I mean happier.  I’m spending my time happier, more fulfilled, more involved in relationships that matter . . .  you get the idea.  It doesn’t mean I’m always happy (see previous note about meltdown) but I am getting used to the idea that just being happy isn’t a waste of precious, potentially productive time.  And if that makes me a bit less productive, I think I’m learning to be cool with that.

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies and toast for Dad and LP.
  • Lunch: Quesadillas for Dad and LP.  Mom had some almonds on her way out the door, and then enjoyed a soy hot chocolate out with a friend.
  • Dinner: Red Lentil and Artichoke Stew with rice

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $5.00 for a soy hot chocolate.


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