November 28th, 2010

Mom Stuff:
‘Tis the season! I think my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that the day after I get to play Christmas music with abandon (much to G-man’s chagrin). This is one of the first years where we aren’t getting our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving since the tree is going to cut off some of LP’s play space, and we want to minimize disruption in his life. This relaxing four-day weekend reminded me to be thankful for so much, but especially for my two boys. My son is cute, brilliant and amazing, and he makes me so grateful to be a mom every day. My husband is seriously the most amazing person in the world. I really didn’t think I could have loved him any more than I did before, but seeing him be a dad just adds a whole new layer. I love my guys tons and I was very thankful to get to enjoy some “quality” time with them for a few days before it’s back to the grind on Monday.

LP’s Stuff:
Just in time for Thanksgiving LP is getting more teeth! He is up to four now – the two bottom ones and the two top ones. They are hard to see sometimes, except when he is doing one of his huge baby laughs! We put together a Thanksgiving plate for him of roasted butternut squash and mashed potatoes, which he promptly put his hands in and then dumped on the floor. So, while the G-man and I enjoyed our dinner LP had some blueberry mush and cheerios for Thanksgiving. Yesterday we hosted a brunch party for friends and LP was great. He started out by crawling to every person and asking for a bite of their food (but standing up in front of them and opening his mouth). He also played with some of the other kids, and he didn’t stop moving the entire time, which is pretty much his m.o. right now. Diaper changing has reverted into a battle of getting him to stay still for thirty whole seconds. Oh well – and active baby is a happy baby!


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