Saturday: Fun time

Sorry about the late posts!  We’ve been working on recovering from both jet-lag and the flu, so these drafts were “in-progress” for a while!

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Toast and cream of wheat (with raisens) for Mom and LP.  Dad slept in and then chowed down on some cheerios.
  • Lunch: Leftover soup and some crackers
  • Dinner: Hot and Sour Soup and Vegetable Mu-shu.  No, we didn’t get takeout – Mom made it all! 

Money Matters:
Today we stayed in again trying to really kill this cold.  No money spent!

Mom Musings:

Having a two-and-a-half year old is actually pretty fun.

It really hit me when I was at work this week and people asked me how I was enjoying the time with my kids.  My answer to this question has always been positive since I do enjoy being home with them, but this week I realized that, when I said I was having fun, I meant it.  Specifically, I’ve been having a great time with LP.  Maybe it was having fun at parks, and at the aquarium these last few weeks, but when I’m spending time with LP I really see the world in whole different way.  He is always looking for the next thing to run and jump on, the next tunnel to go through or the next train to spot.  He can’t wait to share it with me and his Dad, and we are only too happy to oblige – it’s fun to get excited about the little things!

Having a kid this age also lets me be a bit of a kid again.  He’s old enough to do a lot of great things, and want to share them, like looking for the shark in the large tank, or race up the play structure.  But he’s young enough that he still wants to play and hang out with Mom and Dad.  That means I get to swing on the swings, ride down the slide and chill out by the train tracks with him.  Without a kid this would be creepy.  With a kid I’m an “active” parent.

Additionally, since we were away from home for a couple weeks I couldn’t really worry about work, or getting things done around the house.  That meant when I was with LP, he had my attention, and I could really just focus on what he was doing.  In some ways this was frustrating, since there is a ton of work and cleaning that is currently piled up in front of me.  On the other hand, I got to enjoy LP without many other worries, which reminded me how fun he really is.

It’s been rough since we got back since we’ve been sleep-deprived and sick (and baby IP still isn’t back on her nighttime schedule).  I’m really hoping that we can get back to our normal routine soon, since that routine has some space where I can get work/cleaning/cooking done, and still have some time with LP.  Sometimes I wish I had more downtime to myself, but I’m starting to think I may just need to take my “playtime” with LP as my chance to have some fun.  Which just means he’s going to have to take turns on the swing with Mom!  Luckily, he’s pretty good at sharing 🙂

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