Toddler Tuesday: Turning 3

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Update: Up until this week I have posted a report of almost everything we ate the day of each the post.  When I first thought about doing that my goal was to show all the things that vegans do eat.  After nine months of these posts I hope that I have made my point: there is quite of bit of abundance in a vegan diet.  However, this posting has also made it clear that reading about what a family eats can get a bit tedious.  I mean, how many smoothies do you have to read about!  So, starting today, I’m going to just post one thing we ate today that was especially delicious and/or exciting.  I hope this will continue to inspire readers to enjoy vegan food – or, as I like to call it, food :)

Today I made some blueberry muffins.  I had to adapt a bit, since I realized I was out of baking soda after getting all the liquids mixed, but the came out really good!  Keep an eye out for my recipe in the next week or so!

Money Matters:

Today we donated some clothes.  Nothing spent, and more stuff out of our house – yay!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

About a week ago LP turned 3.  He had a great birthday with his “Ti ti” and “Wow wow” (aunt and uncle) coming up for a visit.  We had birthday dessert: chocolate cream pie.  We had a birthday dinner: pizza with a white bean base and lots of olives.  We had presents.  Was was most fun was the fact that LP really got that it was his birthday.  He woke up and knew it was his birthday and he kept saying “I three, I three, I three” all day.  I sang him “Happy Birthday” at breakfast, and then he wanted me to sing it over, and over, and over again all day.

A few cute birthday occurrences:

  • LP figured out that he was getting presents for his birthday because we had some wrapped gifts out a couple days before.  He asked if we were going to get a Christmas tree for his birthday – I assume because last time he got wrapped gifts they were from under a Christmas tree.  He did manage to accept the lack of a tree later on without too much fuss.
  • After LP blew out the candles on his chocolate cream pie I took the candles off so that I could cut the pie.  He got upset and wanted me to leave them on.  So, we left the candles on the pie until it was all eaten. 
  • LP’s birthday gift from his Aunt and Uncle was a home video entitled “Sloth Bear goes to the Big City” in which a stuffed sloth bear (like LP’s) takes a tour of New York City.  LP loves it and has been going around quoting lines from it all week (including the memorable phrase “I feel the wind in my fur!”)
  • LP still opens presents like his father.  He opens them one little bit at a time, and he seems to want to avoid tearing wrapping paper.  Go figure.  He also likes to sit and play with his presents as he opens them – which means that he actually got to open birthday presents for three days straight since he only really wanted to open two a day.
  • Yesterday, after he had a rough morning with lots of time outs, LP asked me if it could be his birthday again.  I think he wanted another day where he could get away with stuff.  I did sing him the birthday song one more time, which made him happy.

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