Toddler Tuesday: “Good thing I here”

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Tonight we had one of LP’s favorite dinners – sloppy joes!  We make it with lentils, in the slow cooker.  It is super easy, which makes it one of my favorite dinners too!

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $30.52 at Trader Joe’s

Tuesday Toddler Update:

I can never find anything in our house.   Well, actually, that is a lie.  I can find thing that are mine, and solely mine, that I put away.  I can find my clothes.  I can find my toothbrush.  I can find chocolate and wine.  You know.  The necessities.

But what I can’t find are shared household items.  That padlock we use occasionally.  The baking soda we use for cleaning.  The splatter screen I only use once in a blue moon.  But it’s ok, because I have a method to find things.  I look once place, can’t find the thing I’m looking for, and then I ask the G-man.  When I was home with LP and the G-man was working, I used to call him at work.  Sometimes just asking him is enough, and I find the thing as I’m forming the question.  Other times I have to actually listen to his answer and follow directions.  Whenever we have one of these moments (which is often) the G-man likes to tell me “Good thing I’m here.”

Well, LP has picked up on that as well, and he is quick to let us know when it is a good thing he is here.  Like when he helps me pick up cheerios off the floor (that LP, incidentally, knocked over in the first place).  When I say “Thanks for cleaning up” LP just smiles and says “Good thing I here.”  Sometimes LP has to remind his Dad not to play with toys at the dinner table, like when the G-man was messing around with one of LP’s cars the other day.  LP said “Daddy, no toys at the table” then turned to me and shook his head “Good thing I here!”

Today, the G-man and I realized we had a chance to settle one of our ongoing debates.  We have a set of bowls that are blue/green.  I swear they are blue, the G-man swears they are green.  We had them out today and we were having our customary disagreement.  Suddenly we realized – we have a third party!  So, we put a blue cup and a green plant next to the bowl and asked LP if the bowl was blue or green.  He hemmed and hawed, and then said “It green, like the leaf.  Not like cup.”

Damn, I thought.  The G-man was looking smug.  And LP looked up at his dad and said “Good thing I here!”  The G-man agreed wholeheartedly

Good thing indeed.  Apparently, I’m outnumbered.

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