Toddler Tuesday: Funny little dude

Delicious Vegan Dish of the Day:

Tonight we made an easy dinner: cabbage, potato and smoky tempeh skillet.  Super easy, but super yummy, especially with sweet potatoes!

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $4.86 for a chai latte from Starbucks

Tuesday Toddler Update:

It has been interesting to watch LP start to experiment with humor.  First he started noticing when the G-man and I laugh, and then he would laugh too – but really just mimicking the laughter.  Then he started to get that an incident of some kind precipitated the laughter, suggesting a cause-effect relationship.  Now he is fully in the phase of trying to create his own funny moments.  Today was one of those moments.

We were in the play room, and LP farted.  Loudly.  Note: this is not an unusual event.  I asked “what do you say?” since we have worked on saying “excuse me” in such cases.  He looked at me and said “hee hee hee” and then laughed.  I said “no, what do you say when you fart?”  He said “When I fart, I say ‘hee hee hee.’  That is real funny!”  Then he proceeded to to make farting noises, followed by a “hee hee hee” and laughing uproariously.

Before you ask, I was laughing pretty hard too.  He was right – that is real funny!

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