Screen Free Week

Ever since I first read about it on Minimalist Mom’s blog I’ve been wanting to do a “screen free week.”  In the last few months I find myself too quickly checking my e-mail or facebook when I could be hanging out with my kids, reading a book, talking to my husband, baking something with chocolate in it, hiding from my kids in the other room, and a host of other more beneficial activities.  I certainly don’t think I’m one of those people who is addicted to things like Facebook and Twitter, but I would like to see what it feels like to do without them for a bit.  This week seems like a good a time as any.  I don’t have any work that has to be done this week and I have a ton to read.  I don’t anticipate an urgent correspondence that can’t be dealt with over the phone.  Overall, it seems like a good week to go for it.

So, here are the rules, and cheats, I’ve set out for myself  this week.

  • The “screens” I will be avoiding this week are computer screes and TV screens.  The only exception is that the G-man and I might watch one movie.  But no silly TV shows.
  • Some people avoid their cell phones and texting when doing a screen-free day or week.  I will not.  In fact, if you are trying to get a hold of me over e-mail, just pick up the phone instead!  I don’t get many texts (maybe 3-4 a week?) so I’m not going to bother cutting myself off from that either, since it is a good way for many of my friends and family to communicate.
  • There are a few things that I can’t figure out how to replace easily without the internet.  Things like directions to outings, or checking the weather.  For those things I will rely on the G-man to use his computer.  I could try to just check that one thing, but I know myself better than that.  So, when I need the internet, I will turn to the G-man to find that one thing we need.  After it is all said and done I’ll let you know how often that happened.

I’ve prepared a bit tonight for this screen-free week.  I’ve set up vacation responses for my e-mail.  I’ve written my to-do list for the week on pieces of paper (usually I use evernote).  Finally, I’ve prepared a few posts that will post to my blog automatically while I’m gone.  So, you might see a post or two – but I used the magic of the internet to make it just seem like I’m posting this week.  Frankly, just the fact that getting away from my computer requires this kind of work is telling.

Off I go!  Shutting down for the night . . . and for the week!!

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