Vegan kiddo goes to school

Being a vegan parent has been relatively easy so far.  Well, at least the vegan part.

Sure, I’ve had to educate our pediatrician a bit, and occasionally we go on playdates where I have to make sure LP doesn’t eat Cheez-its or Go-gurt. But, for the most part, we just tell people that we’re vegan when it comes up, but it is not a key factor in our kid’s life.

However, LP will start preschool in a few weeks.  We picked a local co-op style preschool where parents rotate being in the classroom, there are shared family jobs, and we will be part of a fantastic, caring, and progressive community.  As part of the preschool there is a shared snack time every day, where the parent helper brings snacks for all the kids to share.  It is important that the snack is something that all the kids can have, since eating as a community is important to the teacher.  So, if a kid has an allergy (let’s say to peanuts, just for fun) there would always be a peanut-free snack.

Along come the vegans!!

For the first time being vegan is an important part of our child’s experience.  We are so lucky to be at a school where community is valued, and the shared snacks will always be vegan because we are vegan.  I know that making “vegan” snacks might be daunting for some families who are unfamiliar with veganism, so I asked the teacher if she thought it was appropriate for me to to make up a short guide for folks.  She said it was a good idea, so I did!  I’m sharing it here since I figure I’m not the only parent in this situation.  Enjoy this short and simple guide to making kid-friendly vegan snacks!

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