Best of Parenting Realizations

One of my largest blog post categories is “Parenting Realizations.” Obviously there is a lot to learn and figure out when you are a parent, and these lessons run the gamut from hilarious to affirming to bittersweet. Here are my top seven “Parenting Realization” posts from the past few years:

#7: Baby Gifts

When you have your own baby, suddenly you realize what you should actually give people at baby showers. This posts explores my new realizations about baby gifts!

#6: What’s in a Name? 

Specifically, what is in the name “Mom”? In this post I muse about gaining a whole new identity as my then two-year-old starts calling me “Mom”

#5: Split-tasking

You’ve heard of “multi-tasking.” Becoming a parent taught me the art of “split-tasking” where I have to break up projects into small, manageable chunks that can be done is the short bursts of time that the kids allow me to have. Check out this post of my thoughts on developing “split-tasking” prowess.

#4: Sleep Matters

It took over four years of being a parent, but I finally figured out that sleep really matters – it’s even worth getting off the computer to go to bed at a reasonable time!

#3: Lunch Time

Read this post to learn how I got over my desire to have Pinterest-worthy lunches when my oldest started going to school.

#2: The Illusion of Control

In this inspiring guest post from Navarre Overton from Raising Revolution, Navarre explores what it means when we try to “control” our children.

#1: Thoughts on Entering Kindergarten

As September approaches I’m realizing what it means that my oldest is ready for Kindergarten.

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