Monday: Recipe Day with Spicy Black Beans

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Mom and LP followed by toast for everyone.
  • Dad had a leftover blueberry muffin for a snack
  • Lunch: Leftover carrot ginger soup, left over black beans and rice and leftover lentils.  Cleaning out the fridge – yay!
  • Dinner: Creole Hoppin John from Vegan Soul Kichen.  It takes some prep, but it is totally worth it!
  • Mom and Dad had some dark chocolate for dessert

Money Matters:

Today we took a long walk to pick up a cast iron skillet (from Freecycle) and then hung out at home.  Nothing spent!

Monday Munchies: Recipe of the Week

Last week I needed to put a slow cooker dinner together since I was going to be at work until 6pm.  We didn’t have the right stuff on hand to make any specific recipies in my new slow cooker cookbook, but we did have some black beans, carrots and rice.  So, with a few spices we had this yummy dinner!  It would also make a great burrito filling.  Important note – this came out spicy, just the way I like it.  LP, however, found it too spicy, so if you are making this for kiddos you might want to decrease teh chpotle and/or chili powder.  Also a bell pepper might be better than a carrot, even though I enjoyed the splash of orange!

Spicy Slow-cooker Black Beans

(this is for a 4 quart slow cooker.  Double this for a 6 quart slow cooker)


1 medium onion, chopped1 large carrot, peeled and cut into half-moons2 TB chili powder
2 TB ground cumin4 1/2 cups cooked black beans (3 cans)
1 TB pureed chipotle chili in adobo sauce


1) Heat olive oil in a saute pan over medium heat.  Saute the onion and carrot for 5-10 minutes, until softened. 

2) Add the chili powder and cumin to the onion mix and stir over heat for 1 minute.

3) Put the onion mix along with the beans and purred chili in the slow cooker.  Stir and cook for 6-8 hours on low.  Serve over salsa (or plain) brown rice and top with avocado!

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